About Us

As a fine woodworking company, Wood-Jack Inc. is built around its craftsmen. Craftsmen who specialize in creating hand-made custom projects. Our line of products are not manufactured, instead crafted from choice exotics or locally reclaimed cuts.

At our Chicago shop, artisans strive to bring out the quality and beauty of wood. Our work is not a job, it’s an art and a way of life.

Apart from over two decades of experience with his craft, Jack firmly believes wood is not just a commodity – it’s a part of our existence. Just like in every lasting relationship, there is an ongoing mutual exchange of character.

As an artisan, Jack takes on the warm but strong and lasting qualities of his choice material – wood, a living substance that he tangibly respects.

Long before reclaimed wood was a fashion fad, Jack pained at the notion of discarding usable material. Driven by the need to salvage and re-purpose, he fosters relationships with builders, factories and suppliers to source this precious material and use it in his Chicago shop. To put it frankly, wood is not a product or job, but a unique and necessary material.

Jack continuously innovates to bring forth the best that he and his company can create for you.